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  1. Does Prodigy Games sell Pokémon Cards?

    Yes. We have single cards available here;

    We also sell sealed Pokémon product. All of our Pokémon stock in store is available for purchase online as well, and can be found here;

    We have premium Pokémon cards for sale in-store only, in our special card case. The selection rotates daily, so we recommend coming in to see what cards are available!

  2. Can Prodigy Games hold a product for me?

    In short, no- we are unable to hold, or reserve, products. We guarantee that we will have enough of our newest, hot products available for everyone, but we cannot hold items or guarantee their stock due to the high demand of our products.

  3. Can Prodigy Games special order board games?

    You bet! We work with several distributors from around the United States and can get most popular board games! We will beat any price! Once your special ordered board game is in stock, look out for an email from one of our staffers.

  4. Do you have a certain game in stock?

    All of our in-store inventory is listed online, so the best way to check if we have a specific product you're shopping for is to either search for the name of the product using our search engine, or visiting the corresponding product's collection page. 

  5. Does Prodigy Games buy trading cards? 

    Yes! We pay cash for your cards! We will buy any card from Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Dragon Ball Super, Yu-Gi-Oh or Cardfight Vanguard, so long as the lowest listed value for that card on is at least $1. We do not buy damaged or foreign cards, and we buy cards at the following times;

    Monday-Friday: 4pm - 8pm
    Saturday-Sunday: 12pm - 6pm

    We also do not value PSA graded cards higher than the lowest listed value for the corresponding condition on TCGPlayer.

  6. Does Prodigy Games appraise cards?

    We do not offer appraising as a service. We will accept any trading card that you're willing to sell to us and give you a cash and credit offer, but we will not accept cards given specifically for the purpose of determining their value to sell elsewhere. If you are curious about what we base our credit and cash offers off of, you can visit to get an idea of what the card is worth in the corresponding condition.

  7. How do I sell my cards to Prodigy Games?

    The best way to sell your cards would be to stop by our store with all of the cards removed from binders or sleeves. If you have a small collection (less than 100 cards), feel free to stop by whenever- if you're selling a large collection (more than 100 cards), please email us at so that we can schedule an appointment for your card buy.
    We use a card scanning software that combs and calculates the lowest listed value for that card, in real-time. We offer 45% - 65% for cards in cash, CashApp, Zelle, or Paypal. The funds are handed to you immediately! In the event that a check is needed, we will have a cashier's check available to you within the next 1-2 business days from the trade. 

  8. How does Prodigy Games grade cards during the buying process?

    We typically follow the system that most players in North American use, and that is Near mint, Lightly Played, Moderately Played. We do not typically buy cards in Heavily Played or Damaged condition. We consider cards with any ink or paint on them to be damaged. 

  9. How do your tournaments work?

    Players enter our weekly scheduled tournaments with store credit or cash. 100% of collected entries are put into the prize pool.The top 4/8 will receive prize support. We often run special events on the weekend where prizes range from cash to motorcycles. ( one time we gave away a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR 600 )

  10. How does your store credit work?

    You earn store credit through tournaments or trading in your TCG singles. You can use store credit in store or online.


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