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Wanted: Rich or Dead

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In Wanted: Rich or Dead, 3 to 5 people play as infamous cowboys, who came to Dodge Town to get rich fast and easy way. They explore the town, enter different buildings, steal, get items and try their luck at the local casino. However, sooner or later two or more of them will meet and that’s when the real action begins! Are you fast enough to take your opponent down in a classic western duel? Let’s find out! Each player has a set of cards associated with his or her character. Choose the best, and try to win the shootout! This town is too small for five cowboys and only one will be standing at the end of the day with a stash full of dollars.


  • 30 Wanted Cards 
  • 15 Belonging Cards 
  • 5 Building Tiles 
  • 5 Wanted Sheets 
  • 5 Wanted Markers 
  • 45 Cash Tokens 
  • 2 Custom Dice 
  • 5 reference cards 
  • 10 Tile Supports