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Ultimate Guard: 2022 Exclusive Twin Flip N Tray 266+ Deck Case - Orange

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You crave for more space for your cards?
You wish to carry more of those wonderful Tokens?
You call for a flexible place to store all your big decks?
Ultimate Guard's 2022 Exclusive Line has got you covered!

Let’s think big with new sizes and stunning colors for two of the popular Xenoskin deck boxes. With more space for additional cards, they are optimized for Commander decks while the brand new Omnihive 1000+ comes with flexible magnetic trays.

133+, 266+ or 1000+. The bigger the better!

The same Twin Flip’n’Tray you already know, but bigger!

Specially designed for Commander/EDH decks, the 2022 Exclusive Twin Flip’n’Tray 266+ has room for all kinds of large and regular decks in double or single sleeves, plus tokens and additional cards. A double condo for large card decks: Twin Flip’n’Tray 266+!

*No cards or accessories included

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