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Queen Domino

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  • STRATEGY TABLETOP BOARD GAME: Queendomino is both a standalone game and an expansion of the 2017 Spiel des Jahres recipient and award winning Kingdomino, one of the best-selling city or territory building board games by game designer Bruno Cathala. This top rated board game has a colorful table presence with medieval kingdoms and is made of high-quality wooden tokens, cardboard tiles and castles
  • FAMILY OR ADULT STRATEGY GAME: 2 to 4 players can play Queendomino traditionally, but up to 8 players can play when the game is combined with Kingdomino. 3-4 players may play with a 7x7 grid, 5 to 6 players with a 5x5 grid, and 6 or 8 players may play in teams with a 5x5 grid. This abstract fantasy game can be enjoyed by parents playing with their older children as well as adults. Best recommended for ages 8 & Up
  • HOW TO PLAY: Queendomino follows Kingdomino rules while offering more complex challenges and a new territory on which players can construct buildings. It is a Card Drafting and Tile Placement game using a Pattern Building mechanic. Another difference with Kingdomino is the introduction of money. There are many different buildings you can place in your kingdom, each with their own way to score points, allowing many different strategies.
  • Queendomino is fun to play for families enjoying other Blue Orange classic award winning board games like Kingdomino (Spiel des Jahres winner), Photosynthesis, Planet, New York 1901. The popular Kingdomino collection also includes the expansion Age of Giants and the roll & write game Kingdomino Duel.
  • INCLUDES: 48 dominoes, 32 Building Tiles, 1 Builders’ Board, 22 Knight Meeples, 15 Towers, 42 Coins, 1 Queen Meeple, 1 Dragon Meeple, 8 King meeples, 4 3D castles, 4 Starting Tiles and illustrated rules


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