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Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Bestiary 2 Battle Cards

Expand your encounters with this massive collection of 450 reference cards featuring every monster from Pathfinder Bestiary 2! Each 4 x 6 card is printed on sturdy cardstock and features a beautiful, full-color image of a Bestiary 2 monster on one side, while the other side provides that monster's statistics for quick and easy reference. With each encounter, show the players what their characters are facing while keeping the monster’s abilities at the ready, and watch your games come alive!

- This must-have accessory supports the Pathfinder Bestiary 2, Pathfinder’s second hardcover collection of opponents and monsters for Pathfinder Second Edition.
- Pathfinder players have requested/demanded this type of product for more than a decade.
- A card for every Pathfinder Bestiary 2 monster!