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Magic The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death Collector Booster Box

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PLAY IN STYLE: Each Collector Booster is packed with the most premium offerings from Theros Beyond Death – making the act of opening a booster as exciting as possible
1 EXTENDED ART CARD: A Rare or Mythic extended art card can only be found in Collector Booster.
1 SAGA, CONSTELLATION SHOWCASE CARD OR BORDERLESS PLANESWALKER: These can be uncommon, rare, or mythic rare.
1 FOIL CONSTELLATION SHOWCASE CARD OR BORDERLESS PLANESWALKER: This will be one of the five uncommon showcase demigods, one of the six showcase rares, or one of the three borderless planeswalkers.
1 ANCILLARY CARD: This is a card not found in Traditional Booster Packs.
2 FOIL FULL ART NYX BASIC LANDS: Each pack includes 2 foil full art basic land with a stunning illustration of Nyx, the celestial land of night in Theros.
FOILS GALORE: In this pack you get 8 Foil common, uncommon or land cards, 1 foil rare or mythic card and 1 Foil double sided token.
LIMITED RUN: There are only a certain number of these collector boosters produced and there won’t be another print run.
BATTLE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD: With legendary Gods and destined heroes, Theros Beyond Death spins Greek Mythology in the world of Magic: The Gathering.