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Magic the Gathering: Secret Lair - Ultimate Edition [Enemy Fetch Lands]

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The very limited Secret Lair Drop Series: Ultimate Edition!

Secret Lair is a unique and very limited edition of specially selected Magic: the Gathering cards with art like you've never seen before!

The Ultimate Edition features no less than five highly sought-after enemy fetchlands, each illustrated by today's leading country artists: John Avon, Adam Paquette, Seb McKinnon, Alayna Danner and Sam Burley. Each card is a brilliant masterpiece! The cards come in a beautiful storage box to store or display your lands.

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition includes:

- one alternate art Arid Mesa
- one alternate art Marsh Flats
- one alternate art Misty Rainforest
- one alternate art Scalding Tarn
- one alternate art Verdant Catacombs

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