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Magic The Gathering: Secret Lair Drop - Artist Series - Mark Poole - Foil

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Mark Poole is one of the all-time greats. He’s been with the game since the start and continues to make awesome art to this day. We really wanted this drop to celebrate his rich history with the game. To that end, it includes both classic art, some of which has never before been seen in the modern frame, and brand-new masterpieces for beloved cards. Shocking no one, Mark delivered, big time.

• 1x Alt-Art Balance Foil Edition
• 1x Birds of Paradise Foil Edition
• 1x Alt-Art Brainstorm Foil Edition
• 1x?Counterspell Foil Edition
• 1x Howling Mine Foil Edition
• 1x Alt-Art Wasteland Foil Edition