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Logic Cards: Matchsticks

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  • Matchstick brain teasers: move, add and remove matchsticks to solve the mind bending challenges! 5 difficulty levels keep this fun and intelligence-boosting math game interesting!
  • Portable play: the convenient pocket size game contains 53 cards along with the rules in 10 languages and answers to the brain teasers. Play time can be minutes or hours!
  • Free app download: can't solve it? A free augmented reality app shows how every brain teaser is solved with an easy to follow animation - a fun way of learning new strategy and skills!
  • Award winning fun: quick and easy to play, logic cards is a fun 1 player learning game, which won best Math's game at the family & Education awards 2016.
  • Brain Games: we love board games! From quick, simple and fun family games to brain teasers to test your intelligence, every Brain Games product has beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. We make simple games that not only engage, but also develop your thinking, creativity and Socialization skills.