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Journey: Wrath of Demons

$74.47 USD

In a world overrun by Demons, four Pilgrims chosen by fate risk their lives to undertake an arduous journey across Terra to uncover sacred scriptures that will bring salvation to the ravaged world and find the lair of the Bull Demon King. Each is driven by their own motives, but together they share the same goal: to banish the Demons from this world.

The faithful monk, Tripitaka, possesses the arcane knowledge needed to activate the Sutras and seal the Demons in the Underworld. Alone in this world, the Monkey King is searching for other members of his clan. A noble but cursed spirit, Monk Sha has sworn to protect Tripitaka on his quest. Banished from Heaven, Cho Hakkai is trying to redeem himself.

Welcome to Journey: Wrath of Demons, a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players. You will play as the 4 Pilgrims, while the game AI controls you enemies, the fearsome Bull Demons.

You will experience the Pilgrims' misfortunes and victories as they battle the Bull Demon King and his Demon hordes on their journey across Terra.

Rooted deep in Chinese mysticism, the Karma system allows for different playing styles, rewarding the virtuous, but corrupting the wicked. Will your Pilgrims gain the skills, weapons, and magic items they need to defeat the mighty Bull Demon King in Volcano City?


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Questbook
  • 21 Finely Detailed Miniatures
  • 6 Double-sided Map Tiles
  • 3 Double-sided Bridge Tiles
  • 30+ Scenery Tokens
  • 150+ Game Cards
  • 6 Custom Dice
  • 1 Fortune Coin


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