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Dungeons & Dragons: Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons

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From the Designers

The Dungeon Master’s Guide teaches you how to create entire D&D worlds for your players to explore. It walks you through the essential elements of a good adventure and shows you how to be the architect of a fun campaign that your players are sure to remember. It also helps you adjudicate the rules in a variety of situations and gives you the tools you need to improvise when the players lead the story in unexpected directions.

Run D&D Games

The Dungeon Master’s Guide teaches you to take players out of their world and into another. An ancient world, governed by gods, occupied by monsters and magic—and filled with unforgettable stories.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide provides the blueprint for your game and the tools you need to build it.

Create Adventures

The anniversary a monarch’s rule descends into chaos. Your adventurers find a map on a dead body. So begins your Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

D&D is storytelling, and in the DMG, you’ll learn to wield the principles of narrative that have fascinated humans for millennia, from the beginning, through the middle, and to the end.

Master the Rules of D&D

I hurl the brazier of hot coals into the monster’s face,' says one of your players. What happens next is up to you and your interpretation of the rules.

In D&D, the story is guided by your player’s actions, and your player’s actions are guided by the rules. The Dungeon Master’s Guide, together with the Monster Manual, contains all the rules you need to create a vivid, continuous, and believable picture of the story’s events in the minds of your players.

Immerse Players in the D&D World

The stories you create are unique to you and your friends, and the memories you make can last a lifetime.