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All Orders Ship For $5

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Devastator

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Decks and strategies may come and go but some cards are eternal Duel Devastator is packed with 56 Ultra rare cards that transcend individual strategies headlined by spectacular new variant artwork of Ash Blossom & joyous spring Ghost Ogre & snow rabbit Ghost Reaper & winter cherries Ghost Belle & haunted Mansion and Ghost sister & spooky dogwood these are 5 of the most famous and most frequently played cards in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh Trading card Game They're used at all levels of play by players at every skill and experience level and now they're getting brand New artwork befitting their status Every Duelist even if they already have a regular copy of these cards will want this set of variant art cards to either play or collect But duel Devastator isn't just about giving experienced duelists cool new versions of their favorite cards Duels have changed a lot since link monsters came out in 2017 Now you can turbo-charge your extra deck & side deck to keep up with the latest top dueling trends We went through top tournament-winning decks from the past year and put together 30 of the most popular side deck choices plus 20 extra deck monsters Whether you're a returning player an experienced Duelist or usually playing speed duel duel Devastator contains the key Cards you'll need to kick your side deck & extra deck into overdrive and let you devastate your opponents.