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Dragon Ball Super: Realm of the Gods Booster Box (PREORDER)

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This product is a Presale item with an estimated shipping date of March 11th, 2022. Please keep in mind card details, including rarity and card name, may change up until release date as information is updated.

Theme: Gods, Angels, & Destroyers
Set 7 focuses on Super Saiyan Gods, Angels, and Destroyers from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super!

Amazing Character Debut
Set 7 features the long-awaited character debut from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game that will get every Dragon Ball fan hyped!

SR/SPR Box Toppers Return
Due to the incredible response from stores and players, the random SR/SPR Box Topper continues in this set!

New Campaign Rare
One extremely special alternate-art "Campaign Rare" of a Set 7 card that is sure to increase sealed product sales!

• Common ×60 (normal/holo ver.)
• Uncommon ×38 (normal/holo ver.)
• Rare ×30 (normal/holo ver.)
• Super Rare ×18
• Special Rare ×14
• Secret Rare ×3
• Campaign Rare ×1
• 163 cards / 292 types total

1 Sealed Booster Box
  ‣ 24 Booster Packs

Product is brand new/factory sealed.  Minor imperfections in shrink wrap and product packaging may occur and does not qualify for a replacement.

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