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Cerebria: The Inside World

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In Cerebria, you play as a Spirit - a powerful entity representing either Bliss or Gloom, the two opposing forces of the Inside World. By invoking and interacting with Emotion cards on the board, your goal is to spread your influence over various areas of Cerebria. When in doubt, let you Aspiration cards and Intentions guide you!

By interacting with the Origin, Cerebria's rotating centerpiece, you may trigger scoring events known as Revelations. If your team successfully completes the goals set by the current Aspiration cards, you may contribute a Fragment to Cerebria's growing identity, built in the middle of the board. Each Fragment in the Identity will be worth points at the end of the game, but you may also score points between Revelations by fulfilling your team's intentions. The game ends when Cerebria's Identity is completed, and the team that contributed most to shaping it wins.


  • 1 Main Board
  • 8 Double-sided Spirit Boards
  • 2 Double-sided Team Boards
  • 1 Origin Board
  • 18 Identity Fragments with Base Piece
  • 60 Willpower Counters
  • 40 Essence Counters
  • 27 Aspiration Cards
  • 200 Emotion Cards
  • 3 Quick Reference Cards
  • 12 Ego Operation Cards
  • 2 Emotion Sheets
  • 2 Rulebooks
  • 8 Spirit Figures with Plastic Standees
  • 5 Realm Control Markers
  • 5 Frontier Control Markers
  • 80 Vibe Tokens
  • 30 Intensity Tokens
  • 6 Insecurity Tokens
  • 8 Player Order Markers
  • 4 Action Tracker Tokens
  • 4 Point Counters
  • 6 Ambition Tokens