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Catan 5-6 Player Extension Cities & Knights

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Barbarians. Why Did it Have to Be Barbarians?

Those darn barbarians! Once you get a little bit of wealth, those insufferable jerks decide to roll in and steal all your cool stuff. That just means you that have to get tough with them. You’re going to have to train some knights, build up some defenses, and protect your valuable resources from the barbarian hordes. You will not take our sheep, you uncouth scoundrels!

That’s what Catan: Cities & Knights adds to the core Catan game. Not only must you worry about gathering resources to make your civilization flourish, but you must also master the art of trading new commodities to invest in your city. You can even turn your best city into a true metropolis, but beware. Invading barbarians will eventually attack and you need to make sure you’re prepared for their assault! Fend them off and you’ll be able to turn your civilization into the greatest in all of Catan.

Fun Details

The game comes with 96 new cards, 45 new game pieces, flip charts, a new tile, and new rules. It does require the original Catan game, so make sure you have that before picking up this expansion set. It infuses new life into the game for Catan veterans!